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“WOW – Exactly what a resume should look like.”

“If all of the resumes that came across my desk were like this I would have the highest placement rate in the industry. Exactly what a resume in 2014 should look like. Engaging, creative, shows results and leaves me wanting more. Great work.”
– Sharon L., Executive Recruiter

“Thank you so very much for providing me with a new resume. It is absolutely what I was looking for, and I couldn’t be more satisfied!”
Susan, Pharmaceutical Sales
“5,000+ people applied and 45 were hired. I was placed in the highest grossing department, so my commission has paid for the resume a hundred times over.
Niles, Retail Manager
“Geoff, oh my goodness, he is an absolutely fabulous resume writer. I almost fell over when I saw my resume – WOW! I can’t thank him enough.”
Karen, Telecom Manager

Small Business, Big Results

We love what we do. We get to work with clients to help them fulfill their goals. Whether you are looking to secure a promotion, generate referrals or land  your dream job, we have the staff, resources, knowledge and industry proven experience to position you for success. Watch our video.

Why Hiring a Professional Matters

Stats speak louder than words. If your resume is written by a professional resume writer, it is 40% more likely to be noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. Also, more than 60% of executive candidates are applying with a professionally written resume. That is the level of your competition.

60% of Executives
40% More Likely

Check Out the Infographic

There are many people out there that simply don’t know there are resources available to them to help advance their career, such as professional resume writers. The fact that you are on this site means you are already a step ahead of the majority of job seekers.

To see exactly why hiring a professional resume writer is the best decision you can make for your career, click on the infographic.

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