Experts in Four Key Areas

Resume Platform is a full-service resume writing and career marketing firm, specializing in four key areas of service: Professional Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Executive Marketing and Corporate Team Solutions.

We are experts in these four areas, and if you have found us after already researching the competition, you are hopefully well on your way to seeing this first-hand. What we deliver in terms of quality, service and industry knowledge simply doesn’t compare to the competition. And those that do offer quality on par with us typically charge twice as much as we do.

Please take a moment to read a bit more about each of our services below, as well as view samples of our work.

Resume Writing

A professionally written resume increases your chances by 40%.

Use Our Experts

Resumes are our bread and butter. Don’t let your dream job slip through your fingertips because you didn’t reach out to us.

LinkedIn Profiles

We offer more than LinkedIn profile writing, we offer LinkedIn Optimization.

Be Found

There are 300+ million profiles on LinkedIn. With your current profile, can recruiters and companies find you?

Executive Marketing

Sometimes a resume isn't enough. We offer documents that market your brand.

Showcase Your Brand

Do you rely on networking and personal marketing to sell yourself? We offer resources that deliver ROI.

Corporate Solutions

Overcome the struggles of your company not winning bids and proposals.

Highlight Your Talent

No matter the size of your business, be confident in your team’s ability to win proposals and bids. The importance of Corporate and Team Profiles can’t be understated.

What We Deliver

We like to say what we deliver are results, and if you take a look at our success rate, testimonials and the number of refund requests we’ve had (zero, by the way), you would most likely agree.

We use our industry proven experience and play to our strengths, and that is how we are able to consistently create wins for our clients.

We don’t pretend to be experts in areas where we’re not.

Why Choose Us

  • Established and members of numerous professional organizations
  • We use only Certified Resume Writers to produce your documents
  • Resume Platform brings a modern edge that the competition doesn’t
  • Accessibility and transparency in all of our services and product offerings
  • Have worked with thousands of clients. Never had a single refund request
  • Clients include C-level executives at numerous Fortune 1000 companies

What Client’s Say

“Wow! You sure made me look good! It is almost scary how good I look on paper. It is accurate, and I just never realized my career (up to this point) could be put to paper so eloquently.”
Craig D., BPO Outsourcing
“Please accept my sincere thanks for the job well done. In recognition and appreciation for your outstanding service, I would like to place my record of appreciation for the excellent services rendered by you.”
Sameer V., Semiconductor Industry
“I wanted to pass along a bit of good news. I just had a great interview and the VP said my resume was “beautifully written”. She could understand everything I had done in previous jobs, and I agree. I am so pleased!!”
Erica J., Corporate Trainer
“WOW. This is the best resume I have ever seen. If all of the resumes that came across my desk were like this I would have the highest placements in the industry. Exactly what a resume in 2014 should look like”
Sharon L., Executive Recruiter
“Thank you so very much for providing me with a new resume. I s absolutely what I was looking for, I’m very satisfied!”
Susan, Pharmaceutical Sales
“There were 5,000+ people that submitted applications for a new store opening. In the end, a total of 45 people got the job, and I was placed in the highest grossing department in the entire store. I work on commission, so the resume has paid for itself a hundred times over.”
Niles V., Retail Manager
“Geoff, oh my goodness, he is an absolutely fabulous resume writer. I almost fell over when I saw my resume – WOW! I can’t thank him enough.”
Karen B., Telecom Manager